Chrome OS at Google I/O Place the focus on Android app development

Mohammad Imran KhanBy Mohammad Imran Khan 8 May, 2019 / ChromeInfotech
Android app development

Gone are the days when Chrome OS felt mostly like a celebrated internet browser constrained to Google's apps and administrations. Google says it structured the stage around speed, straightforwardness, and security in any case, to be completely forthright, just two of those most likely still hold. Chrome OS has grown up to be an incredible entangled brute, and now Google is uncovering what it was supportive of Web and Android app development.

At the point when Chrome OS grasped Android apps, it was viewed as a characteristic unification of Google's working frameworks and an approach to fix Chrome OS' absence of apps. When it included support for running Linux, be that as it may, it might have been viewed as flighty and superfluous. That, be that as it may, was to establish the frameworks of Google's actual point: transform Chromebooks into Google programming development devices.

Seeing as Linux is the current OS for web servers and Chrome OS spins around Web apps, it's doesn't take a lot to bounce from "running Linux" to "running a Linux test server for development" on Chrome OS. Android app development, in any case, is somewhat harder, which is the place the most recent updates reported at Google I/O comes in.

For one, introducing Android Studio, Google's legitimate and favored Android IDE, is no more straightforward than any time in recent memory. Download and click and add. Chrome OS will likewise support associating an Android telephone through USB to rearrange testing APKs on a real gadget. Furthermore, for both end clients and designers, Chrome OS currently gives you a chance to share records consistently between Chrome OS itself, Google Drive, Android, and Linux.

With these little yet noteworthy highlights, Google is situating Chromebooks as the leading PC you may need for both expending content on the Web just as creating for Google's supported stages (Web and Android). Not all Chromebooks support Linux yet, and the prescribed rundown only incorporates the Lenovo Yoga C630 Chromebook, Acer Chromebook Spin 13, HP Chromebook x360, HP Chromebox G2, ASUS Chromebox CXI3. Google promises that all Chrome OS gadgets propelling this year will have Linux support prepared appropriately out of the container.


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