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About Client and
Client Requirements

The Client of this Project is an inhabitant of California, U.S. Our Client owns and operates various Businesses and for a long time had been thinking about establishing a Software-based Business Venture. But being new to this domain, Our Client didn’t have any Idea or Vision for building a Software. The only ambition was to build a large-scale B2B Software that will help other Businesses and also form a Profitable Business Venture for Our Client.

So Our Client started with Market Research and after several sessions of brainstorming landed on the idea of building a POS System for Restaurants. Our Client envisioned a Software that can be adopted by all Food-based Businesses including Fine dining restaurants, Food Trucks, Ice cream parlors, etc. Also, Our Client didn’t want to build an Usual and Simple Restaurant POS Software. Our Client wanted a Full-Service and Multi-featured POS Software Solution which can be helpful in various Restaurant Operations rather than just Billing and Payments.

Now, Our Client came across ChromeInfotech through one of its blogs on software development. Liking what he read, Our Client decided to go through ChromeInfotech’s Website and some of Our other blogs. Our Client was impressed by Our work profile. And since We already had past experiences of working with successful POS Project, Our Client found Us to be a Reliable and Credible Technology Partner for the Project.

Cattle Tracking
Special Features We implemented
in this Restaurant POS System
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Multiple Platform Support

Since Our Client wanted this Software to be adaptable to different types and sizes of Restaurant Businesses, We developed this software for various Platforms:

  • Total headcount of CattleWeb
  • Mobile(Android and iOS)
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Cloud
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Easy Order Management

This feature automates and speeds up the order taking process to just a few seconds. With this feature, restaurant managers/staff have the facility to:

  • Quickly Search for menu items
  • Add any variants to the order
  • Select order type
  • Process discount coupons
  • Take orders and send them directly over to the kitchen
  • Customize orders according to Customer preferences
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Table/Reservation Management

This dashboard quickly provides restaurant managers a visual presentation of tables which are occupied or available. It also provides information regarding:

  • Which Attendant is serving which table?
  • Number of guests
  • Status of the table
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Automated Billing and
Tips Management

With this feature, Managers can quickly and easily generate bills with just a few taps. We integrated the system with image menus using which one can automatically:

  • Merge bills of different tables
  • Split bills of customers in a single table
  • Calculate Tips offered to Waiters from the total amount paid
  • And fulfill any other requirements of the Customers

And so on

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
In-built Customer Management and
Marketing facility

To help Restaurant Owners/Managers boost revenues and retain customers, We along with Our Client decided to implement this particular feature. This functionality can be used to store customer data like contact details and special dates which can be later used for marketing purposes. We integrated this software with various useful Marketing features like:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Creating combos or meal plans
  • Coupon codes and vouchers
  • Automated notifications and messages to Customers based on their ordering history
  • Special discounts on birthdays
  • Festival/Holiday offers

So Managers can easily use these features to engage and drive in Customers.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Real-time Report Generation

We together with Our Client decided to implement a feature that would help Restaurant Owners or Managers make sense of all the data stored in the Software. So we developed this system that automatically generates real-time reports regarding various aspects such as:

  • Peak Selling hours on Weekdays vs. Weekends
  • Top selling item in the menu
  • Non-selling item
  • Top Customers and suppliers
  • Wastage and usage percentage of ingredients
  • The actual production of items
  • Cost of the ingredients
  • Tax and audit
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Menu and Recipe Configuration Facility

With this feature, Restaurant Owners/Managers can quickly add, remove or alter items from the menu within just a few minutes. Also, using this feature Managers can create separate Menus for different locations with different prices for the same item.

This feature also helps to determine the cost of a particular food item depending on various factors such as usage and wastage of ingredients, the addition of substitutes, Modifiers, etc.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Staff Management Functionality

We also integrated this POS Software with features to get insights into employee performance in terms of sales.

Managers have the facility to check the start and end time of an employee’s shift. It also allows easy scheduling of tasks to employees.

9. Inventory Management Panel

Ingredients are the base of every Food-based Business Venture. And to increase profits, Restaurants should purchase the optimal quantity of ingredients so that they neither run out of items nor lead to any wastage.

So Our Client wanted Us to integrate a customized functionality to help restaurants keep track of their Inventory. Minding Our Client’s requirement, We developed a feature which based on the Restaurant’s sales would automatically calculate the quantity of each product left.

We also designed the system to send notifications when a product is running low on stock. Moreover, this feature enables Managers to set a reordering benchmark for a particular item allowing the system to automatically reorder the item when that benchmark is reached.

10. In-built Accounting Functionality

This feature eliminates the necessity of manually calculating Finance related aspects. We incorporated various accounting features using which restaurant Owners or Managers can efficiently monitor financial factors like:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Monthly transactions
  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Supplier Outstanding
  • Funding Sources
  • Asset Statement
  • Customer Outstanding

And many more

11. Multiple Integrated Payment Methods

To increase Customer experience, We integrated multiple payment methods into the Software such as :

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Digital Wallets
  • Apple Pay

And many more

So Customers have the freedom to choose their preferred payment methods out of multiple options available.

12. Easy Third-party Integrations

To increase An Owner’s/Manager’s Convenience, We build a Software that can be easily integrated with any third-party Software.

Be it payment gateways, accounting software, Customer management/loyalty software or any other requirement; We have designed the Software such that it can fulfill all requirements by smoothly integrating with various 3rd party Software.

Challenges We Encountered and
Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1: Figuring Out Client/Project Requirements

As mentioned above, Our Client approached ChromeInfotech with just one idea in mind- To build a comprehensive and Profitable POS System for Restaurants. Our client was not sure about any specifications or features that needed to be implemented in the Project.

Our Solution:

To overcome this, Our Business Analyst team conducted extensive Market Research and consistently coordinated with Our Client to Figure Out the requirements. Several Use Cases and Competitor Software were also studied for the same. After numerous sessions, Our Client and we finally came to a conclusion. Moreover, We carried out a Discovery phase to get a more detailed understanding of the Project.

Challenge 2: Ensuring Security of Restaurant data

Now, this software was designed to hold a large amount of Business Sensitive data. So it was essential that We develop a system that cannot be penetrated or infiltrated by any unauthorized person.

Our Solution:

Our first action was to implement options for restricting employee authorization and access. So that a restaurant Owner can use these options to configure What or How much data a Manager/Cashier or any other employee will have access to. We implemented various layers of accessibility so that it is easier for the Owner to configure authorization settings.

Along with this, We also implemented various Security measures such as Encryption Algorithms( MD5, Salt), TLS/SSL, File Transfer Protocol.

Challenge 3: Building a Highly Scalable Software

Now Our Client required a POS Software system that can be carried forward as a profitable Business Venture for the long run. So it was crucial that We build a highly Scalable Product which can handle an increased workload- Be it rise in the number of orders per day or an increase in the number of restaurants using the Software.

Our Solution:

Since this was an essential necessity of Our Client, So from the very first day We were focused on building a Scalable Solution. Our team strategically designed the architecture and made use of the right technologies to achieve that. Also, using Cloud Computing was the best Decision that We had taken which helped in building a Scalable Software.

Cattle Tracking
Final Outcome

As required by Our Client, We at ChromeInfotech were able to successfully deliver an all-rounded POS System that is more than just Billings and Payments. Its wide range of useful features and ease of integration is driving Restaurant Owners to adopt this Software into their Business Ecosystem.

With so many Positive Feedbacks and the Revenues flowing in, Our Client is more than Happy with the Product that We delivered. So much so that Our Client has promised to repeat Business with ChromeInfotech in the near Future.

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