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Client and Client Requirements

Our Client is a resident of San Diego, California in the U.S. and got to know about ChromeInfotech through a Mobile World Congress event, one of the largest exhibitions of the Mobile Industry. During that time, Our Client was already in the middle of a Software Development Project that was related to the Pet industry vertical. The idea for the Project was to build a complete Digital Solution using which Pet Sitting Companies can Easily and Efficiently manage every aspect of their Business.

Our Client wanted a Software system that can be beneficial for the Managers/Owners, The Pet Sitters/Workers and the Customers as well. But The issue was that Our Client was not satisfied with the Quality of work and the Product features that were being developed by the present Technology Partner. Also, There were many
bugs and loopholes present in the product developed so far, making it very unstable. And these issues were ultimately leading to a delay in the Product Delivery date.

Therefore, Our Client was in Search of a Reliable Software development firm that can help transform
his idea to a High-Quality and Bug-free Digital Solution. And after getting to know about Us and
Our prior associations with Projects belong to the Pet Industry, Our Client decided to join hands
with ChromeInfotech as the new Technology Partner for the Project.

We Implemented in the Software

As required by Our Client, We made 3 separate dashboards for this
software- One for the Customer or Pet Owner, One for the Petsitters
or Workforces and another for the Owner or the Manager.


Real-time Location Tracking of Pet Sitters

The older system didn’t involve any security feature to protect Data and its privacy. Here’s an image showing how vulnerable and unguarded the Data was.

Now since Encryption is one of the best ways to secure and protect Data. ChromeInfotech implemented a stronger encryption algorithm into the new system. This resulted in a fully secured and safeguarded storage of Data.


Automated Payment Processing

With this functionality, an Owner doesn’t have to initiate Client payment every single time manually.

Owners can save a Client's credit card information which can be used to charge invoices at their due date automatically.

We have integrated various payment gateways into the Software that facilitates safe payments and transactions.


Earnings and Worker Payment Reports

This feature can be used to generate various charts and reports regarding the revenues generated.

It can also be used to generate Reports regarding Payments to Pet Sitters.

These comprehensive reports help Owners to evaluate their company’s Operation and Productivity status efficiently.


Communication Management panel

With this panel, Owners can view all the communications taking place between the Pet Sitters and the Client.

This way the Owner can make sure that no important conversation or instruction from the Client is missed Out on.


Task Assigning and Management panel

With this panel, Owners can easily and quickly assign tasks to the Pet Sitters.

Owners can add or remove tasks and mention other crucial aspects such as:

  • Type of Task
  • Task Priority
  • Date and time of job
  • Task Status
  • And any additional notes if required.

Client/customer Key Management Panel

A Pet Sitters’ job requires them to visit their Client’s house. And so it's important that Client’s house keys are properly managed and taken care of.


Pet sitter/Worker Evaluation Report

This feature helps Owners to evaluate a Pet Sitter based on whether he/she arrives at the task location on the scheduled time and also whether he/she is present there for the entire duration of the task.

  • Pet's age
  • Pet type or breed
  • Pet health information
  • Pet feedtime

And other essential information


Software Customization Functionality

This feature allows Owners to customize various aspects of the Software to fit their Company’s requirement.

This includes configuring the Software’s theme, the icons, custom fields for recording Client and pet information, Permission access and many more.

It also allows Owners to update their Company logo into the Software so that it is in sync with the Company’s Brand.


Client and Pet Profile Customization

This feature provides Clients the ability to Customize their own as well as their pet's information.

This information includes:

  • Pet's age
  • Pet type or breed
  • Pet health information
  • Pet feedtime

And other essential information


Online Service Scheduling Feature

With this feature, Clients can themselves request a service for a particular day and time.

They can also request for cancellation if required.

Clients can monitor and optimize the scheduled Services through this panel.


Pet Sitter Visit Report Viewing

This functionality facilitates Clients to view detailed Visit reports that are sent by the Pet sitter.

It includes specific notes regarding the visit and also photos of the pets.

This way the Clients always remain updated about their pet's well-being.


Timeline Viewing Panel

With this panel, Clients can monitor and keep track of all the recent activities according to their specific date and time.

These Activities involve:

  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Pet care journals, etc.

Profile Viewing of Assigned Pet sitter

To establish accountability of a Pet Sitter, Clients have the facility to view the profile of the assigned Pet Sitter.

This profile contains personal information of the Sitter including a photo.


Task Management Panel

Through this panel, Pet Sitters can view and keep track of all the Tasks assigned to them. They can then accept these tasks or decline them under some circumstances.


Earnings Tracking Functionality

With this feature, Workers or Pet Sitters can monitor and track their earnings on a Daily, Weekly as well as Monthly basis.

They can also view How much they earned from a particular Task.


GPS Navigation to the Task location

Besides being notified with the address of the Client, Paet Sitters can also receive GPS navigation to the task location.

This increases efficiency and eliminates loss of time.


Sending Real-time updates to Customers

With this feature, Pet Sitters can document critical information about their visit and send it to the Client.

This information can be anything related to the Pet’s well-being along with the arrival and departure time of the sitter.

Pet Sitters can also send photos of the Pet to the Clients.

We Encountered and Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1: Establishing Data Security

One of the significant concerns of Our Client was regarding Data Security. After all, the Software included features that would hold Personal Data of Clients as well as Pet Sitters. It would store information such as Client name, Client Address, and even information about their House keys. So It was vital that We develop a Software that is completely Safe and Secure.

Our Solution:

To ensure the safety of data, we strategically made use of various powerful and adequate security measures such as:

  • FTP
  • Encryption algorithms like MD5 and Salt

Also to prevent any loss of Data, We implemented a specific functionality that automatically carries Out Data backup every 2 to 3 hours.

Challenge 2: Establishing Coordination with Our Client’s in-house Technical team

Back in the U.S., Our Client had a small in-house team that was also involved with the Project. So it was vital that We coordinated with that team regarding every aspect of the Project. But the problem was that both the teams were working from different Countries with a huge difference in time zones.

ChromeInfotech’s Working hours didn’t line up with Our Client’s working hours. And this was making it hard for us to coordinate with the in-house team.

Our Solution:

We solved the problem by making use of Code Versioning Tools. Code versioning tools are software systems that help teams to manage and track any changes made in the source code. So by using a Code Versioning Tool, We were able to coordinate with Our Client's team efficiently.

At ChromeInfotech, We have developers who are skilled in using various Code versioning Tools such as SVN, GIT and many more. But after some considerations, We chose to go with GIT which is one of the most popular open source code versioning tools. This is how We managed to coordinate with Our Client's team successfully.

Challenge 3: Implementing new features as well as fixing already present bugs at the same time.

As mentioned above, the earlier version of the Software had numerous drawbacks. So Our job was to not only implement new features and functionalities into the software but also fix these bugs hand in hand. This was one of the requirements because Our Client wanted the Product to be delivered as soon as possible.

Our Solution:

As with every Project of Ours, We adopted Agile Methodology in this Project as well.Agile methodology is one of the approaches to Software development and has numerous benefits. And through Agile Methodology, We were able to Manage both the jobs efficiently. Also, Our team carried Out the tasks in Sprints, which are a fundamental aspect of Agile Methodology. Another strategy was to form Two separate teams: One dedicated to fixing bugs and the other engaged in developing the Software. On top of that, We spent quite some time in analyzing the bugs so that We could prioritize them in terms of their severity. We did this so that We could first act on the ones that are more severe and then later move on to the less threatening ones.

The Final Outcome

We at ChromeInfotech successfully Resolved all the bugs and issues that were beforehand present in the
Software and delivered a Digital Product that is Robust and 100% Quality Assured.

Our Client was highly satisfied with Our Services and the Quality of the Product that We built. Many Pet Sitting Businesses in the U.S. are now actively using this Software for Boosting their Profits and Revenues. Not only that, but this Software has also made lives of Pet Sitters and Pet Owners Easier.

In conclusion, this Pet Sitting Software turned Out to be a Hit in the Market and Until now has been performing well without any issues or breakdown. So We can undoubtedly say that this has been a Successful Pet Industry related Project of ChromeInfotech.

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