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About Client

Our Client, an inhabitant of Las Angeles, U.S. owns and operates a chain of Pet Grooming Facilities. And to manage them, Our Client was making use of a Third Party Software.

But as time passed and Business Grew, Our Client realized that the third party software couldn’t meet all of the Business Requirements. Therefore, leading to inefficiencies and affecting the overall Business Productivity.

So Our Client decided to build a Customized Software from Scratch that would include all the necessary functionalities that the Business needs.

Client Idea &

Initially, the Idea was to build a Tailored Solution specifically to fit into Our Client’s Business requirements and ecosystem. But eventually, Our Client started envisioning this Software as an opportunity for a Successful Business Venture. Our Client wanted to build a Profitable Business Solution that can be leveraged by other Similar Business at a given price.

So What Our Client required was a Full-fledged and Flexible Software that can adapt to any Business Setup or needs. Another requirement was to Build a Software that can be of use to Mobile Pet Grooming Businesses as well. Our Client’s idea was to build a software Solution that does not put any restrictions into Business Operations. Any Business, irrespective of their size should have the freedom to configure the Software as per needs and not the other way around.

With such massive requirements, Our Client wanted a Reliable and Trustable Technology Partner for the Project. Now One of the earlier Clients that We worked with in a Project knew Our Client and provided ChromeInfotech’s referral. This is How Our Client came to know about Us and being referred by a close associate made ChromeInfotech stand out as a Reliable Technology Partner.

Pet Grooming
Features We implemented
in this Software
Pet Grooming
Pet Grooming
Flexible Service Scheduling Functionality

This feature allows the Owners to optimize their appointments to best suit their Business requirements. It also has an in-built and customizable calendar using which Owners can manage and keep track of Client Appointment Schedules efficiently.

Pet Grooming
Employee Information Management Panel

With this feature, Owners can easily Manage various aspects related to Employees such as:

  • Personal Profile
  • Entry and Exit time
  • Assigned tasks/jobs

And more

Pet Grooming
Employee Payment Management

This feature automatically calculates Employee payments based on work hours and the Commission structure along with any exceptions or bonuses.

Also, Owners have the facility to run payrolls on any schedule that they find convenient- Be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any other option.

Pet Grooming
Inventory Management Panel

Most of the Pet grooming facilities are involved in selling specific pet based products. And running out of them could disrupt usual Business proceedings.

So We along with Our Client decided to implement tools that will facilitate Owners to manage every aspect related to Inventory such as:

  • Purchase orders
  • Product quantity
  • Product re-ordering
  • Adding product photos and promotions
  • Sales Totals

And more

Pet Grooming
Quick access to Client and Pet Profile

This feature facilitates Owners or Managers to quickly access Client and Pet profiles to view relevant information such as:

  • Last grooming date
  • Transaction history
  • Pet Health information
  • Special needs of Pets
  • Pet Behavioral issues
  • Any further Service Notes

With such information, Businesses can provide better and improved services to their Clients.

Pet Grooming
Integrated Online and Stored Payments Functionality

To facilitate seamless transaction processes, We integrated Online and Stored payment processing options into the Software.

• Stored Payments - With this functionality, Businesses can save credit card information of their Clients. So future transactions can be carried out automatically without causing any inconveniences.

• Online Payments -This facility allows Owners to create invoices for Clients who will be notified through SMS or email.

Once a Client receives the notification, he/she can pay the invoices online through their own devices from anywhere.

Pet Grooming
State-of-the-art Mapping Functionalities

We implemented advanced Map based features especially for use by Mobile Grooming Businesses. We integrated a Map into the Software using which Mobile Groomers can:

  • Obtain GPS Navigation to the place of appointment.
  • Use Live Mapping while booking new appointments to view locations of the scheduled appointments. This way Mobile Grooming Businesses can better manage their schedules based on the site of appointments.
  • View nearby Clients and their future appointments. This can be helpful to manage schedules, especially when someone cancels. Groomers can fit in a nearby Client’s appointment into empty timeslots for increased efficiency.
Pet Grooming
In-built Customizable Price models

To make things even simpler and more accessible, Our Client asked for integration of pre-defined Price models. These Models can be customized by Businesses according to their requirements.

The possibilities of Configurations are endless, and these commonly include:

  • Price models based on breed
  • Price model based on the specific Services
  • Price model based on the size of the Pet
  • Price model based on Hours of Service

And many others.

These price models make booking appointments and enlisting prices for an appointment an easy task.

Pet Grooming Pet Grooming
Client and Pet Profile Generation

Clients have the facility to update crucial information regardingthemselves and their Pets.

This information includes various fields such as :

And more.

Also, any new information can be added when and where required.

Online Service Booking Functionality

Using this feature, Clients can schedule service appointments for their Pets through theSoftware’s Client dashboard.

It can be used to request new appointments or cancel already scheduled ones 24/7.

Moreover, if required, the Clients can also gain access to the Owner's schedule to see the available time slots.

Pet ID tags generation

This Software is integrated with a feature that allows Clients to generate and print unique QR codes that can act as ID tags for their Pets.

These can be then attached to the collar of a Pet. So if any pet is lost, the rescuer can scan the code and get information about the Owner such as Owner's name, address, etc.

Moreover, for privacy matters, A Client can also customize the information that he/she wants to be held in the QR code.

Service History Tracking functionality

It consists of a dashboard that lays out all the past as well as the future scheduled Services of apet.

Using it, Clients can not only keep track of the services but also can view the digital receipts generated from previous Appointments.

Challenges We Encountered &
Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1: Developing a highly Scalable Software

As mentioned above, the initial idea was to build a Software particular to only Our client’s Business. But later, Our Client decided to take up this Software and turn it into a profitable Business Venture. So Our Client’s Vision now was to build a Software that can be used by other Pet Grooming Businesses as well, but at a given price. Thus, it was vital that We build a Software which is scalable and can maintain its stability even with an increase in Users.

Our Solution:

To ensure Scalability, Our first course of action was to design Software architecture accordingly. We reviewed and made changes to the architecture numerous times so that it can meet the requirements of a Scalable Software. Next step was to strategically implement technologies such as the MVC architecture and the 3 tier architecture.

Challenge 2: Transfering data from Old software to the new one

Once We were done developing the Software, the next step was to migrate vast volumes of data from Our Client's ongoing Software to the new one. And We had to do that as quickly as possible because Our Client’s Pet grooming facilities were already active and running. Also, We needed to take care no data gets altered or misplaced.

Our Solution:

Our solution to this problem was to automate transferring of data. This would also prevent any errors born due to manual handling. So we created automation scripts for automating the transfer process. This allowed us to fasten up the data transferring process significantly and avoid any Human errors.

Challenge 3: Establishing Secure and Convenient Payment Processing Channel

Another concern was to establish not only a safe and secure payment channel but also which is convenient for the clients as well as the Business Owners.

Our Solution:
“Stripe” for safe and secure online payment processing. And for convenience, We planned on implementing “Stored Payment”.

Pet Grooming Pet Grooming
The Final Outcome

After overcoming several Challenges, We at ChromeInfotech were successful in delivering a Software that Turned Out as envisioned by Our Client. Our Constant communication and Coordination with Our Client is what made it possible to satisfy every requirement.

The Software is equipped with all the features and functionalities which were missing in the previous Software used by Our Client. Not only Our client is satisfied with the way the Software is enriching his Business,but many other Businesses have also adopted this Software into their systems.

Looking at the Software’s Success and Impressed with ChromeInfoetch’s work, Our Client has expressed interest in Creating Mobile Versions(iOS and Android) of this Software as well.

Pet Grooming
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