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A Story Behind

The idea was to build India's largest private medical helpline system and consolidating private ambulances to this system. The objective is to reduce the time it takes for an ambulance to reach a patient from the current average time of 40 minutes to less than 15 minutes. These ambulances should be optimised according to patients' needs, and use the power of network to match the patient with closest hospital that has facilities to take care of them.


UX Mind Map and Prototype

At first glance, this project seemed to be pure and simple, but the deeper we dove, the more complications we found. All the debates came down to one question: how can we simplify functionality while keeping in-app navigation as convenient as possible for the ambulance drivers.

For example, we didn't intend to add Book Later to the app because our goal was to make a minimum viable version that would do one thing – send ambulance to Patient. But the more we thought about real-world user experience, the more we were convinced that we needed to Book Later to let people have ambulance to reach hospitals or doctors for future appointments.

While we didn't include driver mapping to multiple ambulance and QR code scanning in the first version of our wireframes, on second thought we added this functionality in the following iteration. Building a frictionless user experience required a lot of wrestling with pros and cons, and a lot of discussion here at Chrome InfoTech.

Key App Screens (Dispatcher)

Requesting Ambulance for Patient

Key App Screens (Driver )

Driver accepting, picking patient and reaching destination

To visualize our thoughts we created a flow first of end to end ambulance booking system. It starts with User calling a dispatcher center for an ambulance. Then dispatcher finds ambulances best suitable for the situation based on category and facilities within ambulance. Request can be broadcast to all or can be sending to selective ambulances. Driver can accept or reject invitation in a defined timeframe if reject it will go to another nearest driver available in loop. If in case system finds no driver, dispatcher will be notified back.

Ambulance App Flow

Ambulance App Flow

Dispatcher App Flow

Dispatcher App Flow

Brand Identity

Here's what we took into consideration when creating a brand identity:

- App’s main idea and function:- Help people to get an ambulance as easy as they get taxis from UBER or OLA.

- The target audience:- Based on study those 75% of the patients who need an ambulance use their own personal vehicle to reach a hospital and 30% of those brought in by an ambulance arrive dead.

- Design persona:- Simple and intuitive with easy to eyes colors.


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