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The Client of this Project belongs to the U.S. Our Client is an Agriculturist who owns vast acres of fully operational Farmlands in different parts of the country. The farmlands are used for the production of a variety of Crops including Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains.

Now one of the integral aspects of Farming and Agriculture that Our Client often has to deal with is Food Safety. But over the years, the Governing bodies and their regularizations regarding Food Safety have increased in number as well as complexity. Different standards apply to separate types of corps.

And Since Our Client's harvests include a wide range of Crops; It was becoming challenging to comply with all the different Food Safety Regulations. Our Client had to invest more time in Managing Food safety paperwork rather than focusing on other Productive Tasks.

Client Idea and Requirements

Our Client wanted a Solution to this problem. And Since in this Era, Businesses of every Industry vertical is leveraging Digitization to Boost Productivity. Our Client came up with the Idea of building a Farm Food Safety Management Software.

The vision was clear- To build an Online Software system for efficient Food Safety Management. Our Client wanted a Software Solution that will not only reduce paperwork but also help guide and prepare for various Food Safety Inspections.

Now the fundamental basis of this Software was going to be based upon various Farming and Agriculture Laws, Rules and Regulations such as :

  • FSMA Produce rule
  • Mushroom GAP
  • Maryland GAP
  • California GAP
  • Organic Labeling
  • Organic production and handling
  • Arizona LGMA
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Harmonized GAP
  • Food Safety Plans

And So, our Client wanted a Technology partner that had experiences working with the Agriculture Industry. And after Looking at ChromeInfotech's past association with numerous successful Farming and Agriculture related Projects. Our Client Found Us to be the optimum Technology Partner.

Features We implemented
in this Software
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Inbuilt food safety assessment tools

This software is integrated with various assessment tools that can help Our Client prepare for Food Safety Inspections. This tool will review every Farming operation associated with Food Safety.

The tools use various questions for assessing whether every aspect complies with the Food Safety standards. If not, then a notification pops up with information regarding the same along with guidelines for Food Safety Practices. So with this feature, Our Client can easily prepare for an Inspection.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Food Safety File Management

With this Panel, Our Client can easily and securely store all the Food safety documents at one place. It is an online file repository that is backed up by a Cloud database.

Also, this feature allows for easy exportation of documents during inspections.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Automated Report Generation Functionality

This feature automatically generates a report on the completion of an inspection. This report includes all the findings regarding the food safety inspection and can be viewed as well as printed by Our Client.

With this, Our Client can get instant feedback regarding any food safety investigation or audits.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Conducting Mock Inspections

We implemented this feature so that Our Client can get an insight into whether the farms can pass through various Food Safety Audits and Inspections.

This feature can be used to generate interpreted Assessments regarding various Farming & Agriculture Food Safety Regularizations such as:

  • FSMA Produce rule
  • Mushroom GAP
  • Maryland GAP
  • California GAP
  • Organic Labeling
  • Organic production and handling
  • Arizona LGMA
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Harmonized GAP
  • Food Safety Plans
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Food Safety Risks and Violation Tracking

Using this functionality, Our Client can record and monitor aspects that may violate or are a concern to Food safety regulations. With this feature, Our Client can use different colors to mark these aspects according to their severity and also the ones that have been resolved.

Hence, this helps Our Client to manage any Food safety violating incidents quickly and efficiently.

Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
Food Safety Resource Repository

To make sure that Our Client has easy access to various types of resources regarding food safety, we created a repository that includes important files and documents.

These resources include various Food safety supporting documents as well as templates such as:

  • SOPs regarding multiple tasks and operations
  • Monitoring Logs
  • Mock drills
  • Various testing Logs
Cattle Tracking Cattle Tracking
In-built Custom Calendar for Task Management

We integrated this software with a custom calendar so that Our Client can easily manage various food safety tasks.

With this feature, Our Client has the facility to assign daily, monthly, weekly and yearly tasks against a particular date in the calendar.

Also, email reminders can be added along with that so that no task gets missed out.

Challenges We Encountered and
Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1:
Ensuring that every feature/aspect of the Software complies with the Food Safety Regulations

The core foundation that the whole Software is based upon is the various Food Safety Regularizations. So We had to make sure that every single feature of the Software is aligned with these regularizations. Even one small deviation from these standards will seriously affect Our Client's Food Safety tasks, and Operations or worse may also lead to loss of Food Safety licenses. And Moreover, We were not fully aware every Food Safety regularizations of the U.S., making it a more challenging task for Us.

Our Solution:

First of All, We carried Out a Requirement Gathering Phase to know the exact needs and requirements of Our Client. Our requirement gathering team personally went over to the U.S. to get to know about the various Farm food safety norms and standards followed in Our Client’s nation. With this along with extensive Market Research, We were able to narrow down and define every food safety regularization that We needed to take care of.

This phase alone took Us almost 3 months. After this phase, We went forward with MVP development to make sure that we are heading in the right direction. Once Our Client and we were satisfied with the results put forward by the MVP, We dived into the heart of the Product.

Challenge 2:
Simplification of UI/UX

Our Client was not a tech-savvy person and have never used any form of digital Software to manage Farming operations. So it was important that we steer away from making the Software hard to use. Now we had numerous data and resources that needed to be integrated into the Software. And Creating a User Interface and User experience that is easy to use and understand along with so much data was a challenge for Us. Moreover, Our Client requirements would change every now and then, making it difficult for us to fix upon particular design.

Our Solution:

Thanks to our experienced and skilled UI/UX developers, We were able to create a simple and User Friendly Software for Our Client. Our developers created not one but numerous Layouts and Blueprints in order to come up with the optimum one.

Also, We had a constant channel of communication with Our Client so that We could verify if our client approved or disapproved the UI and UX designs. And after numerous templates and modifications as demanded by Our Client, We were able to establish a User Friendly and satisfactory UI/UX which Our Client also approved.

Challenge 3:
Providing Timely Support and Maintenance

At ChromeInfotech We believe that after launch of a digital Software product, it is essential that it receives proper support and maintenance. We do this to make sure that the Software Application is functioning correctly and also to resolve any issues if needed.

But the difference in time zones between Our Client and ChromeInfotech’s working hours was making it a difficult task. Moreover, Our Client’s farms were fully operational. So any issue needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

Our Solution:

We had two solutions to this problem:

One: Our team worked in shifts and outside office hours so that they are in sync with Our Client's working hours.

Two: We employed short term or temporary Solution called Patches. With this, We would fix an issue for the moment and then later figure out a permanent fix.

Final Outcome

After investing Our Time and effort, the Final Software Product turned Out exactly as Our Client envisioned. It encompasses all the necessary features that lay out an organized approach for managing various food safety standards and regularizations. We also extend our Services to maintain and keep the Software Up-to-date especially regarding the declaration of New Food Safety Regularizations.

These food safety standards often get modified from time to time. And We at ChromeInfotech wouldn’t want Our Client to face any inconveniences because of that. Now after using the software for quite some time, Our Client let us know that he is highly satisfied with the Product as it is serving the purpose that it was meant for.

Thanks to the Software, Our Client now doesn’t have to stress over any Food Safety related aspects. Hence, allowing him to spend more time in the fields rather than sitting around and wasting time in Managing food safety operations and documentation. Having established a trusted Relationship with ChromeInfotech, Our Client promises of repeating Business with Us in the Future.

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