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The Client of this Project is a resident of the U.S. and is a Technology Enthusiast. Since a long time, Our Client was interested in setting foot into establishing a Software-centric Business Venture. All that Our Client needed was a feasible idea that could be developed into a profitable Software Solution. And Idea struck when Our Client got to know about the problems faced by one of his personal associates regarding operating a Carrier/Transportation services providing Business.

Our Client's associate mentioned that one of the significant aspects causing inconveniences to the Carrier Business was Fleet Management. Managing and monitoring such a massive number of vehicles took up a lot of time and was straight-out a bothersome task. That's when Our Client got the Idea to develop a Fleet Management Software.

Client Vision and Requirements

The Client’s vision was to create a full-featured and all-inclusive Software Solution that can help Businesses to Manage fleet operations, whether small or large fleet. The objective was to build a Fleet management Software encompassing functionalities that will provide a Company everything that they need to manage a fleet including:

One of the essential requirements of Our Client was regarding compliance with safety
regularizations such as the FMCSA.

Since it was an extensive Project, Our Client was very choosy regarding associating with a technology partner for the same. And after consulting with many Software development Firms, Our Client found ChromeInfotech to be the best-fit development Company for the Project, given Our past experiences of working with similar Projects.

Now, initially, Our Client associated with Us only to build an MVP for the Idea. But looking at how good the MVP turned Out and the positive response from Users, Our Client, then came into agreements with ChromeInfotech for building the complete Software.

Logistic Management
Features Implemented in this Software
Logistic Management
Live Vehicle Location Tracking

We used powerful Map APIs and GPS device Integrations, which allow Owners/Managers to:

  • Track vehicle locations when on the road
  • Find out vehicle locations during activities such as inspections and fuel-ups
  • Automatically get updates of odometer readings
Logistic Management
“Vehicle Maintenance” record keeping and tracking

With this feature, one can store, view, and track every single maintenance service undertaken by a vehicle, whether in-house or outsourced, all at one place.

It provides information regarding:

  • Who performed the Service and where?
  • When was it performed?
  • How much did it cost?
Logistic Management
Maintenance Service Scheduling

We, along with Our Client, decided to implement this functionality to allow Companies to manage fleet maintenance efficiently. It allows the Owner to preset schedules and reminders for any maintenance service, and accordingly, the Software notifies the Owner or the driver.

We designed the system so that reminders can be set based on various factors such as:

  • Time traveled by the Vehicle
  • Distance covered
  • Time elapsed since last maintenance service
  • Other customized preferences

It also provides predictive maintenance dates based on the average daily usage of the Vehicle.

Logistic Management
Fuel Management functionality

Fuel management is an essential aspect of every Business involved in fleet operations. So Our Client wanted Us to implement this functionality, which can help Companies manage every fuel related issue such as:

  • Monitor fuel prices
  • Optimize fuel costs as per vehicle needs and requirements
  • Monitor locations where a vehicle was fuelled through the fuel logs

It also automatically calculates the operating costs of a vehicle concerning the cost of fuel.

Fuel card Integrations

To make it even more convenient for Owners/Managers to track fuel expenses, We integrated various Fuel cards with the Software. So, any transactions processed with the fuel card can be directly viewed by the Owners/Managers and also downloaded as per requirement.

Fuel Report Generation

We integrated the Software with a system that can be used to automatically generate fuel reports on the basis of usage per Vehicle, cost of fuel, total fuel used, and so on. These reports are downloadable so that Owners/Managers can avail quick IFTA reporting.

Logistic Management
Fuel data recording facility

This feature allows drivers to log in new fuel entries with specifications such as:

  • Fuel cost
  • Quantity
  • Date and time
  • Odometer reading
  • Fuel receipt Image uploading
Logistic Management
Vehicle Utilization Tracking

This functionality pulls up information about every Vehicle in the fleet and creates a report so that Owners/Managers can track the average mileage that a vehicle covers per day.

Logistic Management
Inventory Tracking and Management functionality

With this feature, Owners/Managers can seamlessly manage and monitor automotive parts inventory. It provides facilities such as:

  • Automated reordering
  • Recording and tracking of order history
  • Tracking inventory storage location
Logistic Management
Built-in Fleet Inspection functionality

We integrated the Software with a system using which drivers can easily carry out vehicle inspections on-the-go. Drivers have the facility to upload required photos along with comments so that it is easy to evaluate whether the Vehicle is in compliance with the safety regularizations or not.

  • Customizable Inspection Checklist and form builder

This feature allows Owners/Managers to customize inspection forms and checklist as per the inspection criteria of a vehicle.

Logistic Management
Automation of Inspection Workflow

With this feature, Owners/Managers have the facility to automate and streamline Inspection workflows according to their convenience. And this includes:

  • Scheduling Inspections
  • Resolving issues encountered during the inspection
Logistic Management
Vehicle and Driver Scheduling functionality

This feature allows Owners/Managers to quickly assign vehicles and drivers to a task using an in-built calendar. It also generates reports regarding:

  • Tasks assigned to a particular driver or Vehicle
  • Assigned Task’s duration
  • Vehicle and driver’s task assignment timeline

It also automatically calculates the operating costs of a vehicle concerning the cost of fuel.

Challenges We Faced and Resolved during the Project
Challenge 1: Implementing Inspection facility that complies with various road safety regulations

One of the first challenges was that We had to implement a facility providing inspection templates and forms that are compliant with multiple Government regularizations such as :


And so on.

The issue was that ChromeInfotech operates from a different nation than Our Client's, and hence, Our team didn't have in-depth knowledge about these regulations and standards.

Our Solution:

Our team performed extensive research regarding these standards and also conducted market research for similar Software solutions present in the market. Our Client also helped Us a lot and guided Us throughout the phase to ensure that We were headed in the right direction. Moreover, Our requirement gathering team themselves went over to the U.S to get more perspective into how these regulations work out.

This phase alone took Us almost 3 months. After this phase, We went forward with MVP development to make sure that we are heading in the right direction. Once Our Client and we were satisfied with the results put forward by the MVP, We dived into the heart of the Product.

Challenge 2: Multiple Third-party integrations

One of Our Client's requirements was the integration of numerous third-party sources such as:

Fuel Card Integrations Maintenance Shop Integrations GPS and Telematics Solutions Integration NHSTA API Integration

Multiple third-party integrations is not an easy task and may lower the quality of Software.

Our Solution:

First of all, At ChromeInfotech, We have experienced developers who from the very first stages designed the architecture such that it could support multiple integrations. Secondly, We decided to adopt Agile Methodology, which allowed Us to handle changes instantaneously and dynamically efficiently. Also, We conducted multiple test runs and implemented manual as well as automated testing before its deployment to make sure that all the integrations are working correctly and are not leading to quality degradation of the Software.

Challenge 3: Identifying vehicle theft and diversion from designated routes

Another concern of Our Client was regarding How to identify if a vehicle has been stolen or a vehicle has been diverted from designated routes/area. That’s because Although We implemented GPS tracking facility, it is not possible for Owners/Managers to track vehicles 24/7.

Our Solution:

We decided to implement Geo-fence technology to resolve this issue. With Geo-fencing, Owners/Managers can establish a virtual parameter. And when a vehicle crosses over that parameter, a notification is sent to the Owner instantaneously. So whenever a vehicle is being stolen, or a driver detracts away from the designated path or area, Owners/Managers can automatically get to know about it.

The Final Outcome

As required by Our Client, We at ChromeInfotech were able to successfully deliver an all-rounded POS System that is more than just Billings and Payments. Its wide range of useful features and ease of integration is driving Restaurant Owners to adopt this Software into their Business Ecosystem.

With so many Positive Feedbacks and the Revenues flowing in, Our Client is more than Happy with the Product that We delivered. So much so that Our Client has promised to repeat Business with ChromeInfotech in the near Future.

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