Why to use WordPress to create a Startup Website

Why to use WordPress to create a Startup Website 744 400 ChromeInfotech

According to a Forbes survey, 9 out 10 startups fail mainly due to basic mistakes like exceeding the budget, lack of resources and poor company website. For a startup, it’s important to have a consolidated and well-managed professional website to create an online presence. When you are trying to start your own business, creating a website may not be that easy especially when it has to be started from scratch.

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Here, WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) is what startups need to get this work done. The website requirements like integration with search engines, proper navigation with organized content, easy to manage and budget-friendly are fulfilled by WordPress. Below are some of the reasons why WordPress is trending among Entrepreneurs:

    • Scalability –

      WordPress offers more than 50k plug-ins at your disposal, covering all categories and requirements. These offer a range of features from media galleries to mailing lists, affiliate links to social media analytics and much more.

    • Search Engine Friendly –

      Getting your website tracked by Google is very important when you are a startup. This CMS is developed with SEO-friendly features to attract more traffic and ultimately leading to revenue profits to the startup.

    • Multi-user –

      WordPress can accommodate multiple users, the Admin will have full rights to edit the site whereas the contributor’s rights are limited by the user’s capabilities. Here, each user will have his/her separate username and password to operate the site.

    • Affordable –

      In comparison to other CMS, WordPress perfectly fit with the startup running on tight-budget. To test the waters, you can first start with a free theme and then upgrade to Premium accordingly.

    • Customization –

      Since you have the access to site files, you can edit the codes but for those who are non-coders, there are various free plug-ins that can expand your website’s functionality.

    • Easy to use –

      Best known for its ‘Installation with minutes’ and ‘Ease of Use’ which ensures that the user doesn’t have to opt for full-scale development with might get expensive.

    • Customer Support –

      With hundreds of thousands of WordPress developer on its forums offering advice and suggestions to help the operation of your site easy. For example, if you are facing trouble with plug-ins their 24/7 customer support will send tutorials to help you to deal with this issue.

    • Testimonials –

      To add Customer/Client Testimonials to your site WordPress provides the option of installing specific plug-ins. Displaying Testimonials can lend credibility to the products and services that are being offered by your startup.

    • WordPress App –

      To survive in this digital era it has become necessary to make software that is compatible with smartphones. Here, this criterion is fulfilled as WordPress is mobile-friendly and also has an application Android and iOS store.

    • Security –

      Being one of the popular CMS it’s easy to be in the spotlight for the hackers and due to this extra measure are taken to keep the platform secure. For example, the constant updates to prevent the hacking attacks.

    • For Everyone –

      The use of WordPress is not limited to the coders only; anyone can access it even if you have zero coding skills. This is one of the main reasons why startups opt for it as there are tutorial videos on YouTube in abundance to learn from.

      *Note – The best part is that you can set up your own site and do not need to hire a professional developer for that purpose.*

    • E-commerce –

      Several e-commerce solutions are also provided by WordPress so if someone is running an e-commerce store they can go online to their store by easily adding e-commerce plug-ins like Shopify, WooCommerce to drive the profit margins.

Here are some of the reasons WordPress is the best option for a Startup to build their website on and start to generate online presence for their brand. For many people, WordPress has acted as a catalyst to convert their hobby into a small business. But the above mentioned can be overwhelming for some, for them is the option to consult company for Custome Web Application Services to guide throughout the process.

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