Why you Need to do Mobile App Development According to GDPR

Why you Need to do Mobile App Development According to GDPR 1024 357 ChromeInfotech

Since the GDPR officially came into implementation, a ton of Do’s and Don’ts have come forward into the light. The past few weeks showed that the General Data Protection Regulation received an overwhelming response from queries related to confusion from businesses including Startups, Enterprises, and also Fortune 500 companies. To understand what exactly is GDPR, we have to start from the beginning.

The term GDPR stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ and it is a new regulation that is recently enforced by the EU i.e. European Union in order to strengthen the previously existed Data Privacy and Data Protection policies. The main aim behind the GDPR is to simply provide more control to the EU citizens over their personal data and other information. In other words, we can say that with GDPR in action now the companies/businesses that ask or collect their customer’s/users personal information online over the internet MUST inform the users/customers of what data they are the collection and what is their intention with that collected information.


Here are some of the points that every business especially App Development Companies needs to comply in order to form GDPR:

– Now the companies would have to provide a true and appropriate reason for collection as well as using the personal information of a person. And to increase the ‘Data Transparency’ between both the parties, the company should provide a copy of the user’s personal information in a digital format and for this, no fee cannot be charged by the company.

– The companies can no longer store an individual’s personal data without his/her consent or without them not knowing that their information is being stored by them. If there are any forms used by the company, then there should not be any pre-checked boxes as it will be considered against the norms of GDPR.

General Data Protection Regulation

– As per the General Data Protection Regulation, the users have a right to ask the company to delete their private details, this is known as the process of Data Deletion or Data Erasure. Once the individual asks the company to delete his/her data, the company cannot further provide the user’s data to third parties.

– One of the key things that companies should be aware of, is the regulation regarding the Data Portability. Here, the customers have complete authority to change their controller at any time period. That’s why a company should be feasible enough to transmit the collected information to other controllers as per the user’s demand.

– A company can even hire a Data Protection Officer that can direct them in the right direction legally. Although this is not a mandatory action to be taken but it can surely help the companies to properly understand the actions regarding any kind of Data Breach.

Although, the General Data Protection Regulation mainly focus on the European Union but that does not mean that it is not effective any at other location. The giant Multi-National Companies, for example, a Mobile App Development Company require user’s information and details for various reasons but if they are saving the personal information of people then that data should be encrypted with proper secure and strong Encryption Algorithms that includes Hashing.

Enforcing secure communications through HTTPS is another way to make an individual’s personal data more secure and less vulnerable. The usage of cookies is common in all web pages nowadays that’s why it is the responsibility of the owner of that particular webpage to make sure that the cookies and sessions expire and are also completely destroyed once the user logout.

GDPR standards for smooth functioning

The Regulations of GDPR are to be followed by everyone because there are also penalties that are severe by nature. These GDPR Penalties will be applied to those who fail to follow the GDPR norms. These penalties are in respect to the ‘Controller’ and ‘Processor’ and may result into giving a fine of millions if an obligation is not followed.

GDPR has brought major changes in the rules regarding Data Privacy of an individual and it will surely have a significant impact on the App owners, app developers, and app designers including Web Applications as well as Mobile Applications. Looking at the current situation if you want to add value to business then make sure your app, web pages, and websites make the GDPR standards for smooth functioning. If you have any further question regarding the same, feel free to Contact Our Team regarding the same for a free Consultation Session with Experts.

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