Want A Thriving Business? Focus on avoiding these mistakes when developing an app!

Want A Thriving Business? Focus on avoiding these mistakes when developing an app! 744 400 ChromeInfotech

It’s 2017, the year when digitalization is on the roll and entrepreneurs want their business to be digitalized as well so that they won’t fall out of the loop. As per the recent report, the global app market is expected to reach over $75 Billion which means your company’s app has to stand out in the crowd of millions of apps.

And for that, your app should avoid the below-mentioned mistakes which are:

Easy Route

Taking the easy route will take you nowhere because in the mist of technology you can’t just copy and paste the ideas of others. Your company’s app should be unique, efficient to the customer needs and should add more value to the company.


Before the beginning of the process, there are several factors to keep in mind and one of them is the ‘Blueprint’ i.e. the plan that is to be followed to achieve the respective aim. Some questions like-

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What is the backup plan?

Noting Pros as well as Cons

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We all know that every situation has its own positive side and negative side just like a coin has two different sides. The initial stage of the app requires determining the platform on which it will be built (Android/iOS) and comparing the pros and cons of these platforms helps to achieve company goals.

Excess of Everything

There’s a famous Quote saying that too much of anything is bad even when it’s a good thing. The same is applies here, your company app should mention the points on which you want your audience to pay attention too and writing every website information in the app will just puzzle the user.

*Note- Mobile apps are meant to give the user an experience to accomplish a task quickly which takes longer to be done on the website.*

Marketing Plan

It has been previously observed that even a successful app can encounter failure when the marketing is not up to the mark. Because apps are built for the people to deal with issues faced by them on daily routine so Spread the Word with an innovative marketing plan and let your target audience know that your app is the solution for their issue.

Multiple Platforms

Every individual wants that his/her app cover a maximum number of people and that too on different platforms. But what they don’t think about is the fact that in the initial months of the app release there are multiple app modifications released and depending on the user behavior the significant changes are to be made.


Your app users decide whether your app is effective and efficient for them or just wastes of their time and on the basis of their feedback get to know your customer’s needs. Negative feedbacks affect the app ratings and further the company’s name so ignoring them will gain you no good. Make sure the user’s query is answered and the complaints are being worked on.

Customer’s Use Case

It’s necessary to work on your app as per Use Case of the audience your company is targeting by conducting several surveys and then develop an app that answers the questions like-

  • What is the need of the audience?
  • Is the app fulfilling the target audience needs?
  • What other feature customers require in the app?

App Testing

Hundreds of apps are released on daily basis, further dedicating to the already competitive market. It is best to do an extensive Beta Testing to ensure that the app does not fail because the quality of the app defines the company and is also representing the brand to the public eye. The beta testing is known to allow a positive growth for the company’s brand.

Developing an app may not be as easy as it seems to provide the fact that there are a number of things that require persistence and in-depth knowledge. But if the mistakes are known then the process of developing an app certainly does become easy in comparison. If the app development process becomes tiresome for you there’s always an option to ask for professional help and hire a Custom Mobile App Development Company for developing as well as designing your app.

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