This is how you can improve your iOS App Rating on the Apple’s App Store:

This is how you can improve your iOS App Rating on the Apple’s App Store: 1024 357 ChromeInfotech

Why is my app not getting popular?

Why my app does not have a million downloads?

How can I make my app go viral in just a few days?

These are just a few questions from many that all of us ask when our application does not perform well in the app store.  In order to receive appreciation from the audience, the app must fulfill the aim of achieving high user ratings. And this achievement requires a set of a number of actions to be done to ensure your app’s high ratings.

We at ChromeInfotech, a leading iOS App Development Company know how important it is for a web or mobile app to be rated high. Basically, this is a procedure with various steps which are easy to execute with need constant efforts. Below-mentioned are some of the most effective ways that can help you in improving your iOS App rating in the Apple’s App Store:

User Engagement

Engagement is the keyword here! The majority of app developers will choose small no. of positive reviews than a bulk of negative and average review because it is the quality of reviews that matter not the quantity. So, app developers should go an extra mile to engage with users and find the ones that have something positive to say about your app.

Quality Matters

One thing that is common in all quality apps is that they showcase quality. The quality aspect can be further phrased as user-friendly and non-complex functions that meet the end-user requirements. The iOS application should have a simple yet effective UX that makes it interesting for the user to analyze it as per his/her convenience.

A/B Testing

The testing segment for an application is the part where the App Developer can know about the app issues while implementing the app practically. Now the testing itself is categorized into different levels and various types which entirely depend on the factors regarding that particular app that is to be tested.

Good & Bad Feedback

Respect the app’s feedback that you receive from everyone whether it’s positive or negative in nature also the feedbacks can sometimes come as neutral. The feedback in the Apple’s App Store will provide you the insights about your iOS app that you need in order to upgrade your app in the next version. Sometimes the negative feedback can come too strong so the best reply would be to resolve that issue in your app as soon as possible.


Always keep an eye on the statistics because the analytics can provide the exact timing when your app is at an all-time high. The process may take a little while but once the initial downloading phrase is done the application developer can analyze the data collected and know exactly the app initial performance.


The people could always use motivation or just a little push to move forward so provide your target audience the motivation they require. Use several gamification rewards to encourage the iOS app users to submit a great review. Games are highly engaging and will lead more users towards your application for the rewards. Just a little prize is enough for end-users.

Spread the Word

Today, the majority of the population is connected through the mean of various social media platforms. Some of the highly active mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc can act as a get source for you to spread awareness about your iOS application. Conduct polls and surveys on social media for your app’s ratings and reviews.

This is not all about getting those 5-star reviews here the main objective is to get reviews from your app’s target audience. If the reviews are negative and ratings are average then app developers have the opportunity to learn more about their app’s mistakes and work upon them. This is exactly how leading iPhone App Development Companies work and get to know their apps true status.

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