How to Overcome the Challenges faced in Developing Food Delivery Apps

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In the last two years, we have witnessed a sudden surge in the Online Food Delivery sector and with that more e-restaurants are coming forward to participate in this evolution of the food industry. But as they say, ‘With great Power, comes great responsibility’ there are some huge challenges in the way for these Food Delivery apps.

“According to a top survey forecast, by the end of the year 2020, the Online Food Delivery and Takeaway market will grow at the CAGR of 12% to 15%.”

This is due to the fact that the customers are now opting to ‘order-in’ their food rather than physically visiting the restaurants themselves. Here, we will be focusing on the issues and challenges that are faced while maintaining the Food Delivery Platform once that food delivery app has gone live.

As a leading full-stack Mobile App Development Company, we at ChromeInfotech have had clients come to us with similar queries. Therefore, after thoroughly studying and analyzing the working model of the Meal-ordering application. Our team will be explaining the steps regarding it that can be taken to overcome these challenges.

Uncertainty in Pricing Models

The competition has risen at a neck-to-neck level among the brands that offer online food delivery services, as a result, the pricing model is fluctuating constantly. This has led to unhappy customers who are left confused by these discrepancies in the pricing of the products and services offered by these e-restaurants for every online Food Delivery Platform.

One of the most common complains of the customer was the price difference after adding the items in the cart to when the final order is delivered. The market of the food-delivery is stuffed and to stand out from the crowd, the brands have engaged themselves into huge Marketing Promotional activities. These big promotions and marketing tactics are done to somehow justify the fact of the brand charging the customer big bucks.

The end-users are choosing comfort over money that’s why they end up spending more while ordering food online. This has led to frustration among the customers and this is the reason customers are not loyal to that particular meal delivery platform and switch once a new food-delivery Startup enters the market.

Incorrect Interpretation of the Brand

Sometimes the misrepresentation of a brand’s food delivery app can also lead making the restaurants unhappy. If a food delivery service provider or an e-restaurant is offered better incentives and deals, then naturally that will be favored by them. In the digital age of E-commerce, the customers, as well as the product/service provider, are constantly looking out for the best option possible.

Other than this many questions also arise, like –

  • What are the chances of getting large orders from a particular location?
  • Are there any restricted areas across a city for Cash On Delivery?
  • What should be the number of vehicles required for food delivery purposes?
  • Will the food remain hot and fresh till it is delivered while considering all internal & external factors?

These are some of the questions that should be answered beforehand in regards to having a smooth-running Logistics Model for the food-delivering platform.

Handling these challenges and overcoming them is what all meal-ordering applications desperately needs. However, looking at the potential that the Online Food Delivery holds, the E-commerce Giants are stepping in this industry. The future sure is bright for the meal-delivery platforms so to overcome the above-mentioned challenges is a basic requirement to survive the tough competition.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to get in touch with ChromeInfotech’s team as we also offer free consultation sessions with Experts of respective domains.

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