Need of Cloud Monitoring in Mobile App Development

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Each day more and more services are opting for cloud and this has generated a need for cloud monitoring tools to manage the performance. To track and troubleshoot the business services that have moved to a cloud is not an easy task. Many issues regarding the visibility, availability and network paths are encountered which requires cloud monitoring to resolve.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

It is a process that can be defined as monitoring and evaluating applications and services that are cloud-based. For this companies require various monitoring tools to track and manage the applications.

Why we need Cloud Monitoring?

The business services that become cloud-based are more complex to troubleshoot and monitor the efficiency, few reasons are stated below:

  • More and more services are being hosted in clouds resulting in no visibility to allow for troubleshooting into the crowd.
  • A particular service is unreachable as there are unknown network paths and the traffic as well makes it difficult to get to a service.
  • The outside parties control the services taking the availability out of your control and to ensure their working these cloud monitoring tools are required.

What are the Cloud Services types to monitor?

Although, traditional IT monitoring has evolved from monitoring the servers and infrastructures. Whereas your cloud provider responsibility is to keep the servers online as well as monitor the infrastructure. Cloud monitoring is not just about monitoring the servers that are hosted on Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are various types of cloud services to monitor including services like-

  1. IaaS: Hosted by AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean and other cloud providers.
  2. SaaS: Services like Salesforce, Office 365 and many more.
  3. FaaS: Applications like Azure Functions and AWS Lambda.
  4. Application Hosting: Heroku, Azure App Services, and others.
  5. PaaS: Caching, Storage, SQL and other developer-friendly services.

In simpler words, the cloud can be referred to as a set of web-hosted applications that store and allow to access data over the Internet, in place of a computer’s hard drive. Software as a Service (SaaS) is an option for enterprise business but by consumer’s point of view service. Here, Gmail is an example of cloud computing service.

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There are several Cloud Monitoring Tools that are used for the resources, applications, and servers over the cloud. Tools that are part of the service are known as in-house tools which do not require any installation process to function. The other tools are that do not work seamlessly with the service provider and may require an extra cost for managing purpose.

What do they offer?

The cloud monitoring tool offers data on the security, performance and customer behavior regarding the service, also looking for issues that prevent smooth functioning of the process.

  • The speed is an important functionality that links directly to user’s satisfaction. With these tools, the speed metrics can be recorded and according to that organizations can optimize their applications & services.
  • With the usage of these tools, the detection of errors can be quickly and regularly in order to rectify the errors thus, escalating the performance and further increasing the User Retention Rate.
  • To keep the network safe from cyber attacks, these tools provide support to detect vulnerabilities in the application and boost the cybersecurity before any damage happens.

If a company leveraging the cloud, then monitoring is a must requirement for the organization. These cloud monitoring tools offer so much more. And if your company/business is not using Cloud services then you are not in-sync with the technology trend. Contact a top-rated Mobile App Development Company and fulfill the Cloud Monitoring requirement of your business.

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