Listing the Top A.I. Powered Chatbot Applications of 2018

Listing the Top A.I. Powered Chatbot Applications of 2018 1024 357 ChromeInfotech

We, in the last few years, have witnessed a potential growth in the Chatbots mostly because of the high-level advancements. These are accomplished in the field of Machine Learning and other related technologies like Artificial Intelligence. This evolution in the AI technology has made these Chatbots more responsive, more efficient, and smarter. Many recent reports have even expressed their thoughts on the possibility of the ‘App Endangerment’.

Such reports have rounded up in regards to the current transformation of several popular messengers into the Chatbot platforms. Some of the many popular ones are Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram etc.  As technology is advancing day-by-day then so are the customers’ requirements and expectations from the applications.

With over a decade of rich experience, ChromeInfotech has created a brand image for itself by delivering leading top-notch Mobile Application Development Services to clients worldwide. The talented team of App Developers and Designers at ChromeInfotech are well aware of the ‘User Trends’ and ‘Latest Tools’ in terms of the respective technology. In 2018, the customers are demanding these smart Artificial Intelligence powered Chatbots apps as they allow them to perform multi-tasking via one single application.

Let’s take a look at the best AI-powered Chatbot applications that are right now ruling the market by displaying great potential:

DIGIT can teach you ‘How to Save Money’

Since Digit’s inception in the year 2015, the average number of monthly downloads ranges from 5K to 10K app store downloads. Many people confuse this artificial intelligence powered app real function i.e. it is not a money-making app but rather the money-saving mobile app.

Digit starts to work once the user gives this app the access to his/her Checking Account by starting to transfer small portions of money to user’s Digit Saving Account. So, here the user doesn’t have to keep a schedule or reminder to transfer the money, Digit will take care of it.

LARK is your own Virtual Health Guide

Nowadays fitness and health hold the top priority for a person and that is why the fitness and healthcare apps are highly on-demand products and services. This is when Lark comes into action as a personal pocket Nutritionist and Coach of the end-user. Lark basically tracks a user’s productivity and also keeps on displaying notifications in form of witty comments. These smart remarks are for the encouragement purpose for the user to improve his/her lifestyle and eating habits. The in-built sensors are used to track the user’s activities by this health tracker mobile app.

Looking for Social advice, ask LUKA

Luka is an AI-powered application that can be downloaded for free from the app stores but also consists of few in-app purchases. This app acts as a platform where humans can interact with bots and can ask for simple advice. Like – What are the best near-by hangout spots?, Where can I find the best International Cuisine?, and many more. The best part is that the user does not have to wait for the reply as the bot on the other side replies immediately with the solution of the query. These interactive bot advisors are available 24/7 so it makes the whole process quite convenient for the end-user.

Say, Hello Hipmunk for Travel consultation

Hello Hipmunk is an Artificial Intelligence Powered Virtual Assistant especially for Travel and its planning. There are further divided sub-categories in Hello Hipmunk and they are: Hello Calendar and Hello Mail. The Hello Mail segment looks assists the users that communicate via emails whereas Hello Calendar is the channel that handle the user’s calendar.

Basic tasks like booking a flight and hotel searches can be effectively performed on this Travel assistance application. The job of Hello Calendar and Hello Mail is to find and notify the end-user about the best deals available regarding their requirements.

The Chatbots are currently representing greater opportunities for small to large businesses to reach the target customers. And what better way can we connect to the users than the social media platforms i.e. the messengers. With these A.I.-powered Chatbot messenger apps, the SMEs and start-ups will be able to offer their services in a highly personalized and well put together manner. Check out some of the work done by ChromeInfotechHere.

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