How to Make an Existing App Shine Again?

How to Make an Existing App Shine Again? 744 400 ChromeInfotech

Renew your App to make people fall in love with it, yet again

The advancement in technology and the grown dependency of people on smartphones have undoubtedly increased the demand for mobile phones. Also, the recent times clearly indicate the increase in the number of smartphone users. The grown demand of mobile phones has made the need for mobile apps pretty obvious. By adding every ease in our life, mobile apps have become people’s favorite within no time. Mobile apps have secured the first position as the place where people spend most of their time putting websites in the second position.
The present scenario has made every business to have its own app in order to grow the business and to reach out to a maximum number of customers. As a result of the same, a number of apps are launched every day. But not all apps taste success. Some just remain as names in the app store with limited users and downloads giving no idea to the app developer company of what went wrong.

Has your app also lost its shine with time? Is it now limited only to a limited number of downloads? Is your app facing a declining charm? We have the much-needed solution to your issues. Here are some of the ways that you can use to make your app shine again and to boost its falling download number.

1. Paid to Free Campaign:

This is one of the easiest ways to give life back to your app. This method holds the potential to generate hundreds and thousands of downloads for your app which can do wonders for the app. To get the maximum benefit of this method, make your paid app free for some time or just simply make the in-app purchases free. This will flood the app with millions of users.

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2. Optimization of App Store:

There can be a case that you have an amazing app but it is not visible to the users. This could be because you are lacking to optimize it. Using relevant keywords and keeping an eye on your competition can actually increase downloads for your app by increasing its visibility among the customers and will help your app to rank above the competition.

3. Get a Publisher:

Many app development companies take the help of publishers to make their app a hit among the users. They have knowledge of marketing, capabilities to cross promote and connections with the app stores which ensures a second life to your app.

4. Innovate the Design:

It is very obvious that no one will be attracted to a boring monotonous design while an innovative design can catch every possible eye. So is the case with apps. Redesign your app’s design and make it more innovative and advanced to attract as many users as you want. Make the necessary changes in your app’s design as with the latest trends which in turn will give your declining app a new chance.

5. Localize App:

Users love to have things in their comfort zone be it anything. Users like and find it easy to search for the app in their native language. The availability of your app only in the English language will limit the app’s visibility in search results and hence a limited number of downloads. As a solution to this localizes your app so as to reach to a maximum number of audience.

6. Advertisements:

Running ads are one of the most preferred ways that are used to enlarge the app’s audience circle. Advertise your app on all the possible mediums and let the world know about its existence. You can also make the use of Facebook ads to turn the user’s attention towards your app.

These are some of the strategies that you can use to give your dying app the much-wanted boost to again shine with all the light.

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