Continued – The 10 Essential Web Development Checks that Every Company Needs to do

Continued – The 10 Essential Web Development Checks that Every Company Needs to do 744 400 ChromeInfotech

 Web Development checklist for brands continued…

6. Cross Browser Checks

Even after you have perfected all your website’s design elements, you never know how they might look and feel on the thousands of different devices your customers can use to view your site. Likewise, different web browsers may display your design elements differently. Broken images, GIF glitches, changed fonts and faded or missing backdrops are just some of the many problems that the website visitors can encounter. So, before you launch your business website, take a moment to review it thoroughly on different browsers, especially look at Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE9, and Safari.

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7. Database

While this might not work for every business, if you have a website which solely calls the visitors for action, integrating a CRM system is an excellent way to save time. For instance, for both a shopping website and a magazine submissions handler, a CRM plays a vital role in keeping records of the customers’ data.

8. Functionality Checks

Rounds of smoke testing are obviously important, but, apart from these, examining every functional feature, whether small or big, on your website is just as critical. You should analyze every page regarding the titles, link logos, call-to-action buttons, forms, pop-ups, social media plugins, and other widgets. The criterion here is to think like a new visitor.

9. Performance Report

There are millions of website designers and thousands of web development companies and so hundreds of websites are launched every single day. Amidst all this, where does your website stand? To monitor this on a regular basis, it is crucial to have measurement analytics that informs you about the visitor score of your business online and there are plenty of analytics tools available online, such as Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, and Clicky, Piwik.

10. Reduce the Loading Time

No matter how extraordinary your product or service might be, if your website takes too long to load, there is a great probability that the client will stop using it. Among many other ways of website optimization, using lightweight style sheets (for example, JavaScript’s style sheets) and enabling browser caching can help speed up your website.


When launching a website, web development companies should not rush through the process. Instead, the checklist above should be used to ensure a refined version of the website goes live. Also, take your time to test and retest the website as this can lead to fruitful outcomes in the future.

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