Benefits of AWS for App Development

Benefits of AWS for App Development 744 400 ChromeInfotech

AWS comes with its own set of perks, here are a few of them

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been doing the rounds for quite some time. It is the latest technology that has attracted many developers. Being a secure cloud service platform it offers many functionalities like data storage, content delivery and so on. Along with offering reliability, it is highly flexible. With AWS the developers can focus on developing with clouds helping them to manage the rest of the work.
AWS help the app developers with reduced coding and a much better user interface to reach out to many users and provide a better engagement. With so many benefits that it offers, AWS delivers many other benefits to take the app developing companies to the next level. Have a look:

1. Better Cloud Services:

It helps to create a no server backend making it easy to bring cloud services to the app to deliver better services like database storage, data warehousing etc. without the need to manage any infrastructure.

2. Advanced Sign in:

It lets the app integrate with the social identity providers giving the users an advanced way to sign in. It has also added some of the new sign in choices such as “Amazon Cognito User Pool”.

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3. Easy Analytics:

App maintenance has become very convenient with AWS. With its amazing cloud services, AWS makes it easy to monitor the usage of the apps and also the revenue it has generated.

4. Data Storage and SQL Database:

Working on relational database mechanism, it allows storage, management and fetching data very easy with available filters to sync the data.

5. Enterprise App Security:

AWS can also be used to have a secure enterprise app. It makes users authentication with user management features in the app. Thus is trusted to develop secure B2C and B2E apps.

6. IT Infrastructure:

AWS also offers a broader IT platform with minimal price, easy and on-demand availability and a better computing power. With the quick response time that comes along with using AWS, many startups and brands are using this technology for developing their business apps.

7. Notifications:

Push notifications can also be sent to multiple devices by the developers instantly by using device tokens when using AWS.

8. Security:

Clouds services offer better security features like better security certifications, data encryption to have a security management of all the data and IT platforms.

With the available and enriching features, AWS is evolving as a much-loved technology for developing apps amongst the developers.

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