Automation Expectations from Smart Home Technology

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving unprecedented insights and efficiencies, one of them being the evolution of Smart Home Technology. In order to bring next Technology Revolution, many tech giants are racing to develop an operating system using the best of what Artificial Intelligence offers. The other term used for Smart Home is Home Automation or Domotics which means building automation for a home.

“The Home Automation market was worth $5.77 Billion in the year 2013 and it has been expected to cross $12 Billion by the end of 2020.”

We now have Smart Locks for our doors that we can easily control from any location and refrigerators that can order us more milk in case we need. These Smart Home Gadgets are stealing the spotlight with their high-tech design and intelligent decision-making Algorithms. But would it be fair to say that we are in fact entering the futuristic age, maybe in some ways. There’s no denying of the fact that people are appreciating Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, to control some features of the house.

Smart speakers are trending as there has been an increased demand on ‘Google Home Mini’ and ‘Amazon Echo Dot’ this year. Now let’s gauge some pros and cons of what this Smart Home Technology holds for us in the near future:

Pro – Smart Gadgets will enter the deeper household market by introducing smarter Kitchen Gadgets for Smart Cooking. There’s no doubt that majority favor the digital form of cooking that’s controlled via Alexa by just a voice command.

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Con – As said, ‘With great Power comes great Responsibility’. Many people as well as C-level Executives are sharing their security concerns over the continuous Home Automation. As the house functions will be controlled by apps which will consist of a password and other user information. If hacked this can result in house robbery and be a threat to user’s safety.

Pro – With the Smart Home Technology we will get to know the capability of Artificial Intelligence like never before. In the coming years, AI will integrate efficiently with the concept of Video Monitoring. This will open more possibilities to use the feature of video surveillance as a more effective and powerful option.

Con – As the technology advance day by day, the word ‘Privacy’ seems to be a thing of the past. To make your house a Smart Home, one has to share a lot of personal details and data to a digital entity. This convenience comes at a price of sharing your Digital Footprints. This shared information can be compromised if not protected severely and can lead to grave consequences.

Pro – It’s true that this technology is very efficient when it comes to automating your home. This will further lead to minimum manual activities in our daily chores. As these services are customized as per the user’s needs the control factor is high.

Con – The journey to the futuristic era may not be as simple as it seems. Here, Integration also plays a key role in the Smart Home Technology and its gadgets. If the integration is not to the point then the devices would not be able to work to their true caliber.

Since the year, new gadgets based on smart home technology are hitting the market. These devices are breaking the previous stigma of ‘performing one isolated task’. Currently, the fully-integrated Home Security Systems are turning into a prominent requirement with a single brand incorporating all the features. Below are some of the latest smart gadgets that were unrevealed:


This is an Alexa enabled Smart Mirror by Kohler that can adjust according to the lighting available. And that’s not it; this mirror can play podcasts as well as music from sites like Spotify and has a motion-activated night light. Verdera when unrevealed was named as ‘CES Innovation Awards Honoree’.

Over The Range Microwave

This microwave makes your dream of smart cooking come true. The user can send the commands directly to the device through his/her Smartphone. For example, you can send the cooking instructions of a frozen meal and this microwave will manage the temperature change automatically.

The Smart Homes probably won’t be smart without these innovative gadgets that are taking mankind towards the futuristic zone. With smart devices like Floatation Tub available based on Zero Dimension Technology, one can fulfill the childhood dream of being an Astronaut. The whole point is that not just the core companies are participating in this smart revolution. But also many top App Development Companies are developing applications to match the growing need for Smart Home Technology.

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