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Three Reasons MBaaS is Mobile App Developers’ Best Friend

“The best way to create value in the twenty-first century is to connect creativity with technology,” said the legendary CEO and Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. True to these words, creativity is indeed the seed of technology and technology is the fruit of creativity. However, if one were to go back by a lustrum with a time machine, you will see how app development was considered the mere practice of hard-coding followed by a series of tests.

To their dismay, mobile app developers could not use their creative brains, except for typing a few blocks of code that were used after, with a few changes here and there. It was not the fault of the enterprises, but actually a constraint in the development time as well as the similarity of app backends that did not allow developers to explore, create, and use their own ingredients in mobile app development.

Withal, since 2011, the scenario has changed a lot and the mobile industry has taken a leap. With the advent of Mobile Backend-As-A-Service (MBaaS), most mobile app developers have found a new world, almost like their Cosmica Nirvana.

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So, here are three major benefits offered by MBaaS that boosts and organizes the process of mobile app development.

A. Productivity

From data synchronization to file storage and social network integration, developing a backend is a difficult task. It eats up almost 80% of the time in a development cycle, leaving a short or negligible time span for designing the user interface.

Suppose a retail enterprise group has a mobile app for one of their fashion brands. If they want to develop another brand’s mobile app next, there would, of course, be some elements that are similar to the first app, such as social media plugins. So, it will not be a great option to get the developer team coding the same programs they did for the first app.

Here, MBaaS does the trick. It wraps up all the backend functionality into packets of consumable services, such as REST, SOAP, JS, JSON, and XML, which sit at the top of cloud storage. That means that the developers do not need to spend a lot of time coding the same functionalities over and over again. Some of the functionalities offered by MBaaS service providers are push notifications, social media integration, GPS integration, analytics, and file sharing.

This can reduce the development time by as much as 44%, as demonstrated by a research conducted on 100 mobile app developers. Besides, if your company outsources the development, this will also cut a significant amount from your mobile app development budget.

B. Freedom and Flexibility

Today, mobile devices are not limited to smartphones and tablets, but include everything from electronics (for example, televisions and refrigerators) to wearable gadgets (for example, wristwatches and fitness bands). So, one can predict that, in the coming decade, enterprise mobility will dominate the app development industry. Just think how this will make developers go nuts. But, this will not be the case if you are using MBaaS.

Another flexibility that MBaaS offers you is the choice of tools. Previously, backend services were solely dependent on. DotNET. However, now development managers have the choice of either using a .NET-based tool or going for some other language, such as SAP.

C. Scalability

Acting as a middleware between the backend and frontend, MBaaS lets you focus wholly on developing your user interface and user experience, without a shadow of worry about the backend functionality. When you roll out the app, calls done on the client side will automatically reach APIs resting on the cloud and will retrieve data from there in the form of SDKs. So, no matter how many calls your client makes, the server will expand or contract itself accordingly.


Simplifying the process of mobile app development, MBaaS is the last one spot platform that mobile app developers will ever need. If you have any questions related to MBaaS or wondering why you should use it for your business app, share this with us in the comments.

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