All about Location Based App Marketing and how to make yours less creepy

All about Location Based App Marketing and how to make yours less creepy 744 400 ChromeInfotech

One wrong move can make your location-based app very creepy, here is how to prevent that in time

With location-based marketing being one of the only points of differences standing between mobile marketing and digital marketing, the market has brought about a huge change when it comes to changing how users interact with an app. The potential it holds towards users’ behavior, has made Location-based services a $4 Billion industry.

Working on areas like Geofences and Sensors, Location-based apps makes it extremely easy for users to find services and offers near them and for marketers to advertise to the right people and add a touch of customization to their marketing strategy.

From social media, restaurant to entertainment and gaming apps, Location Based Apps have found a very strong place in the mobile industry today. The examples of the rise can be seen by the popularity of Pokémon Go and Yelp, the two apps that use geographic services to its fullest capability. It’s not just the apps that operate on location-based services but also various social media sites like Instagram, Facebook gives users the option to tag the place they are making a post or uploading a picture from.

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Every now and then we come across campaigns where brands ask their customers to tag their company whenever they check in, in return for some discounts or offers. Such is the impact of location-based marketing today.

 Now that you know the factors that have led to making location-based services apps such a huge hit, let us look at the three technologies that rule it in some more detail –

 A. Sensors

Technology such as microchips and sensors work on the concept of Near Field Communication or NFC, which works by keeping a smart device n proximity of the reader. While the effort to implement or cost is very high, Apple’s and Samsung’s decision to have NFC Chips in their latest two gen devices is a sign that the methodology is here to stay.

B. Geofences

These fences use WiFi, GPS, electromagnetic fields technologies that allow companies to put a trigger or take data when employees/customers enter them. They need to be paired with an app with location service or can be activated through a geotagged post on a platform like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

C. Context

Location-based marketing works best when applied in the right context. Think of what your customer can possibly do in the place where he is. Step into their shoes, would they be taking photos or would they need customer representative’s support, would they need to find similar places in their budget in the area, etc. are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before launching a location-based ad campaign.

While this was the current picture of Location Based App services, now let us see the ways you can make your app less creepy.

Let the service be opt-in

It is very important that the service remains an option and is not switched on automatically the second someone opens the app. Choose the right moment when you will be sending the option, let user come to the point where he will need to use the location-based service and then give the pop up explaining the reason why he should opt in: instead of a simple Ok and Don’t Allow.

The right push notification

Now instead of telling your users that your brick and mortar store is 2 km. Away and giving the impression that they are being watched, send them a notification when they enter your establishment, telling them of any offers or discounts.

Make sharing of location fun

Just like what Pokémon Go did, you can also introduce something reward or point oriented in your store or in a particular geographical area. You can also pass around badges for the users to share after completion of some stage in the app.

Location-based email marketing

Every once in a while, instead of sending a plethora of location-specific SMS and pop-ups to users, send them emails highlighting the up and coming events or offers in the locality they frequent.

What are you planning to do on Location Based App Marketing?

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